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          發布時間:2020.08.18 發布人:admin


          Choosing the mask, You must choose qualified manufacturer! Qualified mask have health safeguard.


          “JUYI” mask is made by the Chinese shoe industry export leader, The owner of JUYI group is the shoes leather industry association director in Wenzhou . Company built 100,000 level clean production workshop, there are 30 professional production lines of masks, Daily output of disposable protection (adults, children), disposable medical and kn95 masks more than 1 million pieces.


          Because the qualification is complete, the quality is excellent ,JUYI masks first enters the department of commerce the” white list for export” , and it’s favoured by foreign friends.



          The company holds the "People's Republic of China medical device registration certificate" and "medical device production license ". According to the "Medical device production quality management standard "(No .64 of 2014), YY/T0287-2017idtISO13485:2016《 the medical device quality management system for the requirements of the regulations control operation.


          The company's products are all qualified after testing by the national CNAS and CMA qualification authorized testing units and the European Union testing standards authorized agencies, at the same time obtained the European Union CE certification and the United States FDA and other certification. Access to these qualifications and certification, so that the "JUYI “ masks are unimpeded in China, in Europe and the United States and around the world.





          JUYI masks adopts high quality raw materials produced by professional manufacturers which meet the requirements of JUYI incoming material inspection standard. The inner and outer layers are made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabric, and its super-flexible fiber layer is effectively block and block bacteria, viruses and ordinary dust, but also maintain excellent air permeability; the intermediate filter layer uses high-quality melt spray fabric to prevent dust and bacteria. A three-layer folding, five-layer semi-mask construction design, combined with plasticity or metal nose clip, so that the "JUYI " mask has excellent comfort and general adaptability.




          JUYI "masks are widely used in electronic manufacturing, catering service, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields to ensure the safety of adults and children in schools, public transport, hospitals and other places. This product has no barrier to blood, body fluids and secretions.


          "JUYI " masks are protection, comfortable and healthy, safety 100%.


          Telephone for ordering: 
          0577 -- 88035559 
          Mr. Deng 13967782127
          Miss Lin- 13736358733 
          Contact address: 
          No. 2, Tengfei road, China shoe capital, wenzhou, zhejiang, China

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